Quilter's Crossing can be reached at the following address:

    Quilter's Crossing
    P. O. Box 1843
    Palm Harbor, Florida 34682

    or by e-mail at quilterscrossingguild@gmail.com

Individual Officers and Committee Chairpersons

    President:   Barb Sweet
    Vice President:   Linda Fentriss
    Secretary:   Katy Gerritt
    Treasurer:   Cyndi Hunt
    Newsletter:   Ann White
    Thought for the Day:    Ginger Messer
    Membership:   Jo Groves
    Hospitality:    Pat Palumbo
    Education:    Linda Fentriss
    Philanthropic:   Carol Scott
    Librarian:   Wally Villalobos
    Historian:   Brigitte Hoffa
    Webmaster:    Claire Clinton & Ann Blazer
    Publicity:    Ann White
    Special Events:   
    Lunch:   Dorothy Day
    National Quilt Day:   
    National Teacher:   
    Quilt Show:   Tammy Peters, Cathy Johnson, Rhonda Baker -
                         e-mail QCQuiltShow@gmail.com

Guests interested in becoming members are invited to join us for Business and Education Meetings (see calendar) at Harbor Hall, 1190 Georgia Ave., Palm Harbor, FL 34683