Quilter's Crossing can be reached at the following address:

    Quilter's Crossing
    P. O. Box 1843
    Palm Harbor, Florida 34682

    or by e-mail at quilterscrossingguild@gmail.com

Individual Officers and Committee Chairpersons

    President:   Genee' Smith
    Vice President:   Barb Sweet
    Secretary:   Katy Gerritt
    Treasurer:   Cyndi Hunt
    Newsletter:   Barbara Kellard
    Thought for the Day:    Pat Hazellief
    Membership:   Cathy Johnson
    Hospitality:    Debbie Linda DeMola & Betsy Schobert
    Workshops:    Joan Tegan & Mary Smith
    Education:    Barb Sweet
    Philanthropic:   Jin Cavanaugh & Carol Scott
    Librarian:   Chris Petrazzuoli
    Historian:   Brigitte Hoffa
    Webmaster:    Claire Clinton & Ann Blazer
    Publicity:    Marsha Tropiano
    Special Events:    Wally Villalobos
    Lunch:   Dorothy Day
    National Quilt Day:    Kim Kelly
    National Teacher:   Lauren Murphy
    Quilt Show:   Tammy Peters, Cathy Johnson, Rhonda Baker

Guests interested in becoming members are invited to join us for Business and Education Meetings (see calendar) at Harbor Ball, 1190 Georgia Ave., Palm Harbor, FL 34683