About Us:

Quilter's Crossing, Inc. is the center of many exciting activities in the world of quilting and in community projects. Every member can be justifiably proud of the contributions to the art of quilting and to the community. We are in the process of becoming an official not-for-profit association.

Foremost, we are a quilting club, providing support and assistance to quilters at all skill levels. Many friendships develop and social activities are a pleasant part of the Clubs' function.

The purpose of the guild is to:

To benefit from Quilter's Crossing,Inc., one needs to have basic quilting skills. Membership consists of quilters at all levels of expertise. Members are interested in every facet of the art; traditional, pictorial and modern techniques are all explored. Many members are also involved in the wearable arts.

Quilter's Crossing, Inc. is an active Club with continuing education and challenges to encourage growth in our membership's abilities and knowledge. The Club also brings in nationally known teachers. We've exhibited at the Dunedin Fine Arts, and have participated in two (2) international challenges with the displays touring the United Kingdom to raise funds for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Quilt shows are held in the odd years and quilting "challenges" in the even years. Our most recent challenge was exhibited at Dundeing Fine Arts Center. Members were challenged to create a small hanging quilt incorporating the challenge fabric in a quilt depicting an "Expression of Happiness". Our most recent quilt show can be viewed here .

Guests interested in becoming members are invited to join us for Business and Education Meetings (see calendar) at the The Harbor Hall located at 1190 Georgia Ave., Palm Harbor .